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Joe The Intern
07 April 2007 @ 07:59 pm
I love coffee houses, but just the local ones. There's something about me knowing that there isn't another place like this in the country that gets me. I mean take the whole "Starbucks" experience, it's been commercialized and you can get the same feel across the country. I can see why that's appealing to most people, but it is one of the biggest turn-offs to a guy like me.

That, and I enjoy supporting local business.

It's the day before Easter, and it is freezing here in El Pas. In fact, the entire state is freezing its ass off, so much that places in the northern stretch of Texas are getting snow. Snow, in April, in Texas? Unheard of.

Speaking of Easter...

This weekend has been pretty interesting to me. I've had a lot on my mind, religiously that is. I've taken some time to really reflect on what God wants from me in my life, and how I can go about getting there. The only real way for me to get there is to just turn myself over to God, completely. Thats the hard part. It's very easy for me to say that, but it's rather difficult to not give into sin, especially because I have become so accustomed to it, you know? I really don't know what to do or how to make this happen. Bu I'm assuming God will have the answer. Ironic isn't it?

Work is work. My boss thinks that I question his competence a lot, and I can see why he would think that. You see, I am a very curious person simply by nature. In other words,  I ask questions when I probably shouldn't. My aim is not to undermine what people tell me or anything like that, because I would/do hate it when people's goal is simply that. I guess that's something I need to work on, because my boss is not usually one to complain about something, and he did about this. That's kinda lame.

Other than that, work is, well work. The summer is almost here and that means that the paid part of the internship will be coming up soon, which is good. That is of course I find a way to screw myself out of a job with my boss. I really hope that's not going to be the case, because I need the money.

I'm going to College Station soon to finally get my apartment. Me and a couple of A&M buds will be living together, getting good grades and probably consuming large amounts of alcohol. Maybe not. Maybe we all flunk out and are sober the entire semester. Either way, should be a blast.

Well, I'm out. About to join Joey for dinner. Peace out and take care.

"God promised a safe landing, not smooth sailing."
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Joe The Intern
23 March 2007 @ 08:08 am
Today's a new day.

A hopeful day.

And if anything tried to not go my way, I'll give it the bird.

Ha, here's to life...and Democrats.
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Joe The Intern
22 March 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Another day, another...well, day.

Work went by decently fast today, I think a lot of it had to do with Kwadwo and my trip out to El Paso Community College. It was weird to walk aroung a college campus that wasn't A&M. That, and EPCC is so f-in small it felt like a high school and not a college. Either way, it made the time go by faster. I also got a chance to see my old high school counselor, Ms. Montoya. She left Burges and ended up at Jefferson, which happened to have a rather large applicant pool for Community Scholars. So we thanked her and then she seemed excited that I had done so well with myself.

If only she knew.

You know what's one of the hardest thing about being home? There are so many places and things in El Paso that have so many memories of Angie and I. I think that's my fault mostly, since I once told her that I wanted to show her the city and a good time. Well I did, although I think I did it a little too well. Now I can't even drive down Montana without seeing her sitting shotgun, holding my hand.

On a lighter note, I seem to be getting more political. I know, sounds impossible, but it's true. One major thing I'm looking forward to is my candidacy in the Aggie Democrats for the seat of president. I was contacted via Facebook by a fellow Aggie Dem who told me he wanted a "regime change" for the Aggie Dems and asked me if I'd be interested in a position since I was a new young hipster. Well a few messages later, that turned into me being the presidential candidate. It's insane, but I'm eager to see where that goes.

Life seems to get easier day by day. I guess the only good thing about being "down," is that things gotta go up.

I will end with a Republican's view on how to be a "good" American:
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Joe The Intern
22 March 2007 @ 12:18 am
Oh my precious little LJ. So much has happened.

No one read this anymore, this is more personal now I suppose. I guess the entries can stop being "Friends Only."
That was dumb.

Let's see, I'm taking a semester off from school, and I'm back in El Paso. I'm interning with Community Scholars actually. It's a small non-profit organization that pays high school kids to research public policy and economic development topics that affect the community. It's a sweet little gig, I go in, work, leave. It's very routine oriented. I guess that's what I need from my life right now, routine.

My heart was broken. The love of my life, the one whom I wrote of so fondly in here, cheated on me. That, among other things led to a couple of panic attacks, and even a trip to the Student Health Services center at A&M, where I was given anti-anxiety medication. I decided I needed to come home after that.

But I'm not moping around like you'd think I might be. I'm actually really involved with work and my friends right now. Works really has me by the balls though. I mean, they did me a favor and granted me the opportunity to work with them, so I really can't say no to a lot of the responsibilities that they are putting on me. I guess in the end it's what's best for me, since it'll keep me busy and help keep my mind off of things. 

In fact, work can get annoying at times. We've been interviewing high school kids for the positions that we hire for, and man, some of these kids are annoying. They are the type that think because they are number two in their class, that means something. Listen, congratulations on being smart, but that doesn't me jack to a guy like me. GPA only means one thing, work ethic. Hard workers have good GPAs, that doesn't mean they are smart. Most often though, they are smart, to the point where they feel they can be very blunt and direct to the person interviewing them. Stupid kids.

Sometimes, when I see a jet flying over, I wish it would drop a bomb that would just make everyone's misery go away.

Each day gets a little easier. That's always fun.
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Joe The Intern
16 May 2006 @ 04:41 pm
"This town is full of sympathies, we're drowning in it all."

Summertime=Free Time
Free Time=Return of the Blog

I'm back from college, and it is the same El Paso that I left. I actually like this town and the atmosphere but some of the people that are here make me laugh and smile. Oh yeah, I'm not going to be a doctor anymore, aiming towards law. Just in case you didn't know, that way I don't keep hearing that gasp when people hear I changed my major. Thanks.

I'm not a big fan of the military. Fighting in this alleged war is something that in my eyes does not warrant respect nor honor. Yet, I cannot allow myself to be so inhumane as to say that I do not want to the troops back home. That is my support, to pray that the men and women return home safely. No more caskets. Because their actions over there are wrong and unjustified. Their free choice to join makes them accountable just as it does Bush for this illogical act of retaliation on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, I do beleive that something needed to be done, but it was done wrong. But they are just following orders right? Yeah, well so were the terrorists that slammed two planes into the WTC, but they were held responsible too, weren't they?

I'm sick of seeing this feax patriotism that has been commercialized. There are people starving within the very borders of this country, people in impoverished homes and they sit there and hope that maybe they'll get a meal today. All this because we weren't logical enough to see that spending so much money and a losing war didn't make sense. It's disgusting.

Don't get me wrong, I know people in the military, and they are loved ones. I want them and every single troop to go back home to his or her family. But everytime they engage in these disgusting acts known as war, I wonder about what type of person I am praying for to come back home.
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Joe The Intern
22 February 2006 @ 02:38 pm
I know that alot of Marxists enjoy William Blake's poems from both the Songs of Experience and Songs of Innocence. The following poems are from both, and I wanted to know what makes them have a Marxist attitude. 

Joe The Intern
15 February 2006 @ 11:15 pm
How goes it you guys? I just got back from the game, the woman's team played #9 Baylor. We got our asses handed to us, but it was a good game nonetheless. I caught a pair of basketball shorts that the dance team throws during timeouts. They're nice, epsecially because they're free.

Things on my mind right now:

Constant Political "Hoo-hah"
I'm tired of the bickering between all politicians really. I mean, I'm a liberal guy who goes to a conservative school, done. But that doesn't neccessarily mean that I can't have friends from the other side of the political spectrum or that they have to "Beat the hell outta liberals" as a facebook group denotes. I mean that's just stupid. I like debating with someone about their views and letting them know why I think I'm right, but alot of people don't like to hear it, liberals, conservatives and moderates alike. Does it make me a bad person for just wanting to share my beleifs or am I just starting shit?

That's right. It all started off as a joke that my friend told me his grandma said, but it's true. I do not think that there is such a sexuality as being "bisexual." Well I mean there can be, but it's avarice at it's finest. It's greedy to be unable to choose between one pair of sexual organs and stick with them, but rather going back and forth as one pleases. But then again, people tend to fall in love with someone's soul, not their body (at least people with morals do) and so I guess if it happens to switch, then so be it. But if you're just a cock slut looking for some XX chromosome ass, then fuck off.

My messup on V-Day
That's right, I made a slip on the holiest of days to a girl, even though Angie's really not like that. But I told her I was tired of being so mushy when I was on the phone with her all the time. It's just frustrating to always try and be cute like that when sometimes you want someone to talk to, and she understood, thank God. But she was still hurt and offended that I thought we were too mushy, but then I think we just need to grow up, the both of us. We need to mature enough to not argue about that and to just be able to be loving in a more mature way. I mean an "I love you baby" is enough for me, as compared to some of the bullshit I hear around here of "I love you bushy bill bob turtle messy boop." It just seems kinda "high school" to me to do that, when God knows her and I are doing something so much bigger than that, going to two good schools, getting the grades, or trying to, and still having time for our relationship. Awesome, but I do love her, and if you're reading this baby, I LOVE YOU WILLIS!

Moving on...


College tests are all evil things that professors use to tell you how stupid you really are, regardless of what you may think. Or how genius, depending on what side of the grade distribution you are. Nonetheless, I stayed up all night studying for my theater exam and for my economics and got a 84 and 75, respectively. I MEAN COME ON! When you give everything you got and it's still not enough, that blows. I do think however, that I could give myself more time to study, instead of writing a blog for example.

Tomorrow is a busy ass day, three classes and alot of reading to do. So I am going to start my outline for Geography. I'll catch all you ladies and gentleman later. Have a nice night.

"I love you," said Michael. Joe turned over and looked at him.
"I'm not talking to you," he said in shock.
"I know. I should hope not," replied Joe.
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Joe The Intern
07 February 2006 @ 04:02 pm
So what is going to change here?" asked the prof.
"Pi will change, and so will Quantity supplied," replied Joe.
"So what is going to change here?" repated the prof.
"Pi and Si," restated Joe.

"No, it's C, which will cause a shift in S, not a change in Si," said the prof.

Then a kid behind Joe chuckled at Joe's obvious wrong answer.

But then Joe turned around and looked at the kid and said, "laugh now, because you won't be laughing after I set the curve for the first test bitch."

The End
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Joe The Intern
05 February 2006 @ 09:58 pm
Ok so I've been thinking alot about alot of things, as usual and I've come to some general ideals I have, or realizations I've come to.

1. Alot of the people that Angie are connected to, be it family or friends don't like me. At first, it got to me but now that I stop and think fully about it, I could care less. "Joe you're such an asshole," you might say. Yeah, so what? I don't see how so many people can think of me as such a nice guy and these select few don't. Oh well.

2. This semester is going better than the rest. And I think it's mostly because I am more comfortable with who I am here at the university. That's good you know, but then it starts to make me wonder. What if I had stayed with my major, would I have done better than I did last semester? Or would it all have beent he same shit. Descartes (French philosopher) would say that because I have a clear distinct perception of what I'm saying it's all true. So I like that guy.

3. I'm disappointed in the human race. I know that may have come out of nowhere, but its true. I mean I wish there was no hate anywhere and I hate how Christians use the Bible as a shield to defend their absurd actions. But politics as a whole are just bad also, because why can't we simply do what is best and right for mankind? Then the argument would arise of just what is right. Here's my take. People should be able to lead their lives and have their right to privacy to themselves and their bodies. Do whatever you do until it doesn't let someone do what they want to do, then you've infringed upon someone's right. That's bad. And helping out people less fortunate is key to the success of a society, for we are only as strong as our weakest links. There, fuck.

4. No one reads LJ anymore, oh well.

5. I'm tired with those damn people who always want a leg up on you or who try so hard to win your approval. They always make it a point to try and make themselves seem elite to you when in reality, they're a fuckin joke and most people agree. Or maybe I'm the joke who wants everyone's approval. No I don't think so, so fuck you ass.
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Joe The Intern
30 January 2006 @ 10:48 am
Howdy out there!

Things lately have been kinda good, actually really good. Here, lemme break it down for y'all. Oh God, i said it again.

Things have been really go and I reall enjoy all my classes. Philosophy is crazy I just never expected to learn anything like that, it's so weird. These are the college classes that I had imagined in my head, not science and stuff. I wonder why it took me so long to realize that I didn't want to be a doctor. Hmmm. I'm also in Theater, English, Microeconomics and Geography. They're all a lot of fun and some seem kinda laid back but we shall see.

Well, I don't have a job right now. BUT! I did apply to be an RA next semester so I shoul dhear back from them soon as to whether or not I get an interview, the interviews would be Saturday. I hope I got through the first round and into an interview, and after that I'm pretty confident since I was fourth place in state for job interview. Yeah boy! That's it for now.

Angie and I are doing good, we've adjusted to this long distance thing well. Last night however, it kinda got to me and I started to get upset about not seeing her for such a long time. It may not be until March, or possibly May that I get to just hold her and hug her. :( that's shitty let me tell you, especially when I see or hear about so many people being with their significant others and I think to myself, "you don't deserve to be happy." Oh well, that's kinda mean.

Other than that, I can't think of what I'd want to tell you all. Things are good, I miss home and my friends and especially my mom. It's weird because you fight for so long to get out of the house you grew up in and then when you do, you're left wondering, "Is this really the best for me?" I wish I had known how I would feel now back before I left. Seems like I kinda took it all for granted.

SO how many people still read LJ? I mean is anyone going to comment? I say I'll only get two comments, IF THAT. Prove me otherwise.

Thanks you guys, adieu.
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